A new day

For the past few months the majority of my focus has been on everything but photography. At least that is what it has felt like. Until recently I have found it difficult to find time to actually sit down and really assess the images I had the great fortune of capturing on our travels through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on our way back to Canada. This past week I (finally) finished all of my assessments for my degree – now, we wait. The best part of finally being settled back in Canada and finishing uni is that I can get back to doing what I love most: creating photographs.

Today I am sharing a panorama from our travels through Grand Teton National Park. The most iconic image of Grand Teton is the well-known John Moulton Barn with a backdrop of the Teton Ranges – I’ve decided to go against trend and show a different image of this gorgeous park. My panorama was taken from the popular Snake River Overlook at sunrise. The overlook takes in the whole valley complete with the Snake River winding through it, and the Teton Range as a backdrop. It is a stunning place to watch the sun come up. The overlook is littered with photographers at sunset – you have to arrive early to get the best position otherwise you risk dirty looks from other photographers when you set up (apparently) too close to them. I have had the opportunity to visit quite of few of the spectacular national parks the USA has to offer and Grand Teton did not disappoint.  It’s up there with my top favourites so far: Glacier National Park and Zion National Park. The mountain range, lakes, valley, and wildlife are outstanding and I would recommend this gorgeous part of the world to anyone.

Getting back to the photograph… We woke up in the dark, dragged ourselves out of the ridiculously comfortable bed at our lodge, and drove the thirty minutes from the adorable town of Jackson to the Snake River Overlook. We arrived to find the overlook completely empty except for a good sized herd of deer that were rather unimpressed by the disturbance of their breakfast. Even though the snow had cleared for spring it was cold, I mean really cold – it may as well have been snowing. My hands were numb for the entire duration of the shoot and I had to dance around like a lunatic in an attempt to stop my constant shivering. The sun took a little longer to rise than I had expected so we spent a good hour setting up, moving and setting up again, dancing around in the dark, and listening to a pack of howling wolves in the hills behind us as we waited for its arrival. Needless to say I was very happy when the sun finally made its appearance and hit those mountains. We were there for a good couple of hours and left with a lot of images to sort, process, and eventually merge into one panoramic image.

The final panorama I have here today is a merge of 5 photographs that have been processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. (I’ve also included a photo of myself and my assistant/groupie/husband – can you tell we’re still freezing even with the sun up?)

Teton Panorama

S and S freezing Teton-1

Sarah V


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