The Perfect Fog

As the days get warmer here in Vancouver little by little signs of the imminent change in season are starting to appear. Trees that line the streets of downtown are starting to blossom, tiny white-bandana-faced birds flitter between their branches, the first stirrings of spring. As I wait for the pink buds on the cherry blossom trees to flower I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the last change of season: fall to winter.

The fall months were filled with uncharacteristically sunny, clear days. The typical fog of that time of year, however, did not disappoint. There were days when my office building was completely hidden in fog for the entire day, the streets filled with an eerie mist from early morning into late afternoon. This, for me, was perfect. The combination of fall foliage, orange and pink hued sunsets, and the perfect amounts of fog lingering on the sea wall, made for some very pretty scenery.

Today’s photo is one of my favourites from my afternoons spent scouring the sea wall in anticipation of the perfect fog-to-sunset ratio.

Fall fog
Sarah V


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