The Colours of Science World

Spring is definitely in full swing here in Vancouver. This means the three things I love most about living in Vancouver have finally arrived: Greenery lines the city streets again as the trees get fatter with foliage, the days are getting warmer and I’ve (finally) been able to venture out of the house with bare legs, and the days are getting longer. This means long walks in the sun after work, and more importantly, a lot more sunlight to play with! Or, in the case of today’s photo, a lot longer to wait until that magic hour after the sun sets.

This shot was taken on a stroll to False Creek one night after dinner. After the sun had finally gone down the lights that decorate the Science Centre created a new atmosphere. I loved the vibrant colours and the way they shimmered in the water’s rippled reflection. At first I was a little disappointed that the wind was creating a less than perfect reflection. I decided to do a few test shots anyway to see how it looked and I found I quite liked the unusual characteristic it brought to the frame. What I love most about this is that for me it represents exactly what photography should be. A unique perspective on the world in the form of art – or to say it with a bit more fluff () – an individual creating something that is beautiful to them and then sharing it with others.

Either way, I hope you like my individual perspective of Vancouver’s Science World.

A colourful capture of Science World in Vancouver, Canada

A colourful capture of Science World in Vancouver, Canada

Sarah V


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