Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska Part I – A sneak peak


With a mere 5 hours of what can only be called semi-darkness, the sun seems to be in a perpetual state of wakefulness here in Alaska, much like myself. When sunrise is only a few hours after the official sunset, any landscape photographer would be forgiven for wondering whether or not it is worth even going to bed. In order to save my sanity and get the requisite 8 hours of sleep that I, without a doubt, require, I have decided to stagger my sunrise / sunset shoots.


Fairy floss sunrise



This image was taken from my balcony early this morning – 4.30 am early…  As always, the colours in the sky make the early start to the day more than worth it. The scenery up here sure is something else. Even though we have lived amid mountains for a while now, I never tire of the beauty they bring to a landscape, especially since I know I will be swapping mountains for beach in the very near future.


I will be sharing more from our time in Alaska over the next few days. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram at @sv_images.


Sarah V


4 thoughts on “Land of the Midnight Sun

    1. Hi Sartenda, Yes, I have heard Finland referred to as the land of the midnight sun. I look forward to visiting there one day too! I’m so happy you like my photos – I appreciate the comment very much 🙂

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