The Golden Ratio in Photography

There are many, many ways to compose a compelling photograph. The Golden Ratio, however, is one of my favourite tools when I compose a photograph.

In my article How to Use the Golden Ratio to Improve your Photography for Apogee Photo Magazine I discuss the Golden Ratio as an element of design in photography and explain how it can be used when composing a photograph.

I also provide a series of examples where I have used the Golden Ratio and explain why I often favour it when composing an image over the more commonly used composition tool the Rule of Thirds.

If you’ve never used the Golden Ratio for your photography I highly recommend giving it a go. The perfect division of space that the ratio is so well known for amongst photographers, artists, and designers around the world can assist in creating impact in your photography.

You can read my article on Apogee Photo Magazine here: How to Use the Golden Ratio to Improve your Photography.

Sarah V




4 thoughts on “The Golden Ratio in Photography

  1. very interesting concept. I have probably used this unknowingly, but I have never thought of the golden ratio as a composition tool; it makes sense. humans (and all of nature) have a tendency to be drawn to the nautilus.

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