Travel Highlights 2014

2014 has been an amazing year. We travelled to some seriously beautiful places around the world and I was even lucky enough to tick some things off my travel bucket list.

This year was all about Canada, Mexico, USA (Alaska), and Australia. We experienced Canada as tourists, travelled the inside passage, swam with the world’s largest fish, marvelled at Mayan ruins, swam in freshwater-filled caves, floated face down in the Caribbean until our fingers and toes shrivelled up and looked like prunes, met some seriously cool locals in Mexico, fell in love with our home town of Noosa all over again, and went on an Aussie road trip south along the NSW coast.

Here are a some of my travel highlights from 2014 in photographs:

Sunset at the Inukshuk in Vancouver.

Lynn Canyon Vancouver

Rainy Granville St Vancouver

Aboard the Oosterdam in Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska 2


The cabin in Homer, Alaska

Rainbow sunset, Alaska

Homer, Alaska

Tulum ruins beach 2

Tulum ruins beach

Tulum ruins

Cenote Mexico 2

Cenote Mexico

Divers at a Cenote Mexico

Sunsets Cozumel 2

Sunsets Cozumel


Playa Norte Isla Mujeres

Locals Isla Mujeres

Jerry loco Isla Mujeres

Noosa NP 4

Noosa NP 2


South West Rocks Lighthouse


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