Self portraitsI am a freelance photographer and writer specialising in travel. My work aims to expose the beauty of our world and to instil a sense of wanderlust in anyone willing to embrace it. I am driven by the desire to capture the essence of a place and to share it with others.

I’m a self-confessed travel addict and if I’m not on the road I can guarantee that I am planning my next adventure. I travel for inspiration, to see and experience the amazing places our world has to offer, and because I am addicted to that feeling you get when you experience something beautiful and amazing for the very first time.

Over the past nine years I have spent my time travelling, studying, seeking out new experiences, and developing my creative style. ‘Home’ during this period has been split between Canada, Ireland, and my hometown of Noosa, Australia.

Thank you for visiting Sarah Vercoe Images. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any enquiries.


 Clients and Features

National Geographic Traveler

Africa Geographic

Flight Centre

Travel Weekly Magazine

Canada Travel Guides


GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

Apogee Photo Magazine

CanCulture Magazine


22 thoughts on “About

      1. You’re welcome. I know some bloggers don’t think much of those awards but I think they’re nice and a good way to spread the love around.

  1. You have a brilliant blog and i really like your photos. I hope your travels continue and i hope you continue to share your experiences via your blog.

  2. It takes a lot of courage to just leave and travel around the world, though I’m pretty that experience cannot bu substituted by anything else.
    I like your photography, keep it up and can’t wait to see more!


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